Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Homeownership - Amazing or Center of Suck?

Today is Wednesday (and I apologize for the delay in posting), so I decided that being the middle of the week, it was about time that I did something to improve the state of my recently purchased house (more on that subject in a minute).

Half of my basement is finished (poorly in some spots, but it'll do for now - and I certainly don't want to spend the $10k that it'll take to redo everything...).  The previous owner made a pretty sick bar by hand, but didn't really put the time into making the space uber-amazing.  He did an o.k. job, but nothing fancy - just some paneling, some tile, and a shitty color scheme.  Anyways, he obviously had a stereo setup down there, as there are speaker wires already run in the walls (to four different locations in the room), which all lead to behind the bar. 

The finished basement and bar were one of the attractions of the house when I bought it, so I knew that I wanted to address it shortly after I moved in.  I also want to be the default hangout place on football Sundays, since most of my friends are NY Giants fans.  Sundays during the fall/winter, I do nothing except watch football all day anyways, so having some company will be welcome. 

Now, I have an older rear-projection TV that I decided was going in the bar, since there was no way it would fit upstairs in my bedroom.  The issue is that with all the other furniture (and my poker table) there was only one possible setup for the room, and that was to put the TV in the complete opposite corner from the bar.  This meant that I needed to run video cable from one end of the room to the other.

After a few holes in the wall/ceiling, fighting with a metal wire chase, running to Home Depot for some padded cable tacks and a few Captain 'n Root Beers later (thanks Ricky!), that shit was finally done.  Only took my entire Wednesday evening, about 4 hours start to finish.

Now if my ex-roommate would only help a brother out and lug that huge ass TV of mine over to my house, I could actually start to use the room. 

Stories about my adventures in the real estate market another time.  I'm tired.  Maybe a jerk session to ease me to sleep?

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Is There Anything Better Than Alcohol?

Quickly, form a list in your mind of the things that are better under the influence of teh booze:
1.  Sex
2.  Social Interactions
3.  Text Messaging
4.  Phone Calls
5.  Driving
6.  Singing
7.  Singing while driving

Last time I got hammered, I stuck it in my girl's pooper.  Top that bitches.

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

No Morons

There's no way I'm the smartest person on the planet. 

I'm not a particle physisist, I can't multiply numbers in my head very well and any bridge I build stands a very high chance of instantly collapsing. 

I don't create drama amongst my friends, I call and text people back within a reasonable timeframe and I'm nice to my girlfriend.

However, there's a certain frustration in my life - a nagging little itch in the back of my brain that I'm beginning to think makes me different.  Not different in a social-outcast kind of way mind you - I have a large social circle, and I must be normal enough for my girlfriend to want to be with me.  But when I talk to most people and really speak my mind - offer my opinions - they think I live on another planet.

I think a lot of it comes from our insufferable politically correct society.  If you get told how to think over and over again, at what point do you become part of the machine that is modern Americana?  Does everybody just accept how it is these days?  Is it easier for the blubbering idiots on T.V. and the interwebs to think for the populace?

This blog (at least my initial vision) is going to be part politics, part "Game" (try to duck the inevitible incomming feminist bra-bombs) and mixed with a little dash of me trying to prove I'm smarter than everyone. 

Hope that I'm not, in fact, the only one who's not deep down a drooling moron and slacker. 

Because then we're all in trouble.